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Making Sustainability Beautiful: Why We Do It

The journey of transforming a concept from an idea to existence is unpredictable. But once you have experienced turning imagination into reality, it's a journey you will always look forward to taking.

We love working with our hands. It teaches us patience and perseverance through slow but steady progress. Yes, it is physically challenging at times but there is no greater joy than to have a tangible result of your hard work. To be in a state of intense concentration allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the flow and experience only the present moment. It's a spiritual moment of Zen.

Weathered with time, old slabs of discarded wood stare at me, waiting to be changed. They have character and style that only comes with age. They are a reminder that even while noticeably worn, a little care and patience can go a long way to revitalise even the weariest of souls.

And that's how it begins. A project is born from the passion that fuels us, to contribute in a positive way to this life. In our case, it led us to an adventure of design, creation and transformation.

To make more than ourselves.

#furniture #sustainable #carpentry

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