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Revelations on a Sunday afternoon

Updated: May 23, 2019

Every piece we find is often discovered by chance. Our weekends are fairly routine and usually involve a quick stop for one of Greg's favourite activities - wood hunting. I often accompany him because it's entertaining to watch his face light up when he finds a beautiful slab of wood, or an oddly shaped tree trunk that he envisions transforming into a gorgeous table and bench. It was on one of these lazy strolls through a local wood mill on a hot Sunday afternoon that something caught my attention.

In a pile of discarded wood logs that were marked to be sold as firewood - I spotted a broken, hollow tree trunk. Naturally weathered and hollowed out by termites, it looked like it had been lying there for quite some time. There was something melancholic about how it lay there lopsided that made it stand out from the crowd of other perfectly shaped wood logs. Perhaps it was this characteristic that made me sympathise with it. Those who really know me know that I cherish that in both people and objects. When something is subtly yet undeniably distinct.

It was covered in mud when we brought it back to our workshop. Beginning with some light sanding, we worked our way through the layers of mud and discovered the beautiful crevices that lay underneath. That’s when I realised why I love to do this. The revelation that it's the process of uncovering hidden layers, discovering a new secret of a previous life with every pass of sandpaper.

To take something old and give it new life. Like all art forms, beauty shares its throne with a deeper individual purpose. Every discarded tree trunk or wood slab has a different story to tell. Due to their flaws, these are often rejected in the court of consumerism: either with cavities, hollowed out, or unfit to fulfil a purpose suited to mass production.

This small, unglamorous, hollow tree trunk once served us well in living. And it can serve a different purpose when its time is due. It has earned life experience and value that shouldn’t be forgotten. It's a beautiful thing to uncover and get to the bottom of something, only to discover it’s true authentic self. With this labour of love, this is the authenticity we offer you with each of our pieces, with the hope it finds a place in your home.

#repurpose #furniture #sustainableliving

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