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​We operate from a small farm on the outskirts of Delhi, surrounded by nature, a brood of friendly hens, a couple of dogs and occasional visits from monitor lizards, snakes and mongoose. We’re a small team of people who love working with our hands and making extraordinary things happen from the ordinary. Our love for wood and it’s versatility in its use shows in the details and care for each piece of furniture we create.

At Barreto, we specialise in tailor-made, customised furniture, and aim to blow you away with our designs - while artistically balancing form and function with the endless possibilities that wood has to offer. Because we do all the work ourselves, making each piece from scratch and by hand, the wait once you place an order depends on the design, number of pieces you want and whether our hands are full with other ongoing projects. Nonetheless, our priority is to make sure we give you the best and even if it takes a wee bit longer, we assure you that it's worth the wait. 

Our Chief, Greg Barreto, is the creative mastermind behind Barreto. He envisions what few can imagine. With hard work and lots (and lots) of sweat, he turns his visions into reality. 
Silvia, Greg’s other (better) half, is our resident wordsmith, putting words to the creations as she imagines Greg envisions them. Co-Founder, co-creator and first mate of this ship.
Daiyaan - the young muscle with brains, fresh out of college - forging his way through the path less travelled. A real craftsman in the making. Never wants a desk job.
Aasthik - the eye behind the lens, captures the essence of all our work. His pictures speak a thousand (or more) words than Silvia can write. He's hands on in the shop, with a quirky mind-frame.
Shyambabu - our eager-to-learn, happy-to-do guy who just can’t stop talking. With a humble agricultural background, he turned his life around by honing new skills.

And special mention to Baby Barreto - who keeps us inspired and for whom the future awaits.

We would all love to meet you and welcome you to our casa. Schedule a visit and lets talk about what we can do for you!

Team Barreto
Team Barreto


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Registered Address: Kila no.14/15, Raiseena Village, Sohna road, Gurugram, Haryana 122102




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