Introducing Barreto Outdoors

Making Sustainability Beautiful

Founded by Greg Barreto in 2017, this passion project brings to life innovative designs with an artistic eye for making sustainability beautiful.

We make customised furniture to create conversation pieces tailored to your stylistic preferences. Self taught - with 15 years of experience in carpentry, landscape design and metal fabrication - Greg has the skills to make anything possible to transform your space.


Our Philosophy

Repurposing salvaged wood isn't merely recycling. It takes a creative mind and the wonders of the natural world to combine to create functional furniture masterpieces. This defines Barreto Outdoors.

Barreto Outdoors procures wood from naturally fallen trees and local wood mills in New Delhi, India. We believe that trees serve us well in living, and we like to believe that we transform their purpose when their time is due. Our concept pieces include customised furniture such as dining tables, bar counters, coffee and end tables, mirrors, shelves, name plates and wall art.

Our furniture work ranges from a variety of concepts:

Our unique furniture and home decor designs combine Resin and wood at Barreto Outdoors. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed and handmade to ensure maximum durability and functionality while adding a blend of art and nature to any indoor or outdoor space. Each piece is an exclusive piece, as no piece can exactly resemble another. 

With our Live Edge Wood Products, we love to let the wood speak for itself and keep the natural edge of the wood. This way we keep the raw integrity of the wood and transform its purpose while giving it new life.


Our Story

Growing up in nature's lap in Bangalore, from a young age Greg Barreto was exposed to ideas of sustainability, green living and a conscious lifestyle. An avid adventurer, he dabbles in wildlife photography, scuba diving and outdoor adventure. He loves working with his hands & discovered his passion for upcycling through carpentry & landscaping. With his creative mind and artistic skills, he perfectly balances form and function while nurturing the concept of sustainability made beautiful.

Silvia Barreto has a keen eye for finding beauty in odd places. She spends a lot of her time drawing and dreaming. An advocate for eco-responsibility, she's committed to leading a conscious lifestyle. Reducing, reusing and repurposing are keystones to her beliefs that perfectly resonate with Greg's life philosophy. Combining forces, they make a dynamic duo.

Barreto Outdoors was born from their desire to make functional art that contributes to the world in a positive way. To make something different from everything that already exists in the market. To turn mindsets away from disposable consumerism and toward handmade furniture - where each exclusive piece tells a unique story and lives a far longer life.​

Lagoon and Slice Tables_edited.jpg

“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world”

George Washington Carver


Contact Us

Please get in touch to find out more about the process and work of Barreto Outdoors or to consult about your own project.

Registered Address: A-76, Nangal Dewat, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070



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